Dr.Ninko Kostovski

Business Consultant, Corporate Trainer 
and University Professor


Quotes I had unique opportunity to attend C1 Manage Your Costs Effectively. The training was organized in premises of our company and involved interesting presentations of the concepts and many case studies of our Macedonian and foreign companies. To have a lecturer with extensive corporate experience was a realy great advantage for me, especially compared with some purely "theoretical" events I also had. Especially valuable and pleasant was the interactive approach that involved lot of active involvement of the participants and problem solving skills. All individual opinions were carefully enlisted and then discussed in the group with direct involvement of the participants in development of possible solutions. I thank to professor Ninko for the opportunity to be one of his trainees and for the experience gained during it. Quotes
Elizabeta Nestoroska Dimic, MBA
Procurement Officer MAKSTEEL

Quotes Wow! is all I can say. I heard so much about Professor Ninko prior to attending one of his courses, and I can't begin to describe the powerful impact he made on the students, teachers, and administrators. I wouldn?t have believed it if I didn?t see it for myself. Not only did he live up to the expectations that preceded him, he surpassed them. What a wonderful, living role model he is, not only for our teachers, but particularly for us- the students." Thank you professor Ninko! Quotes
Nela Pamukova
student at the University American College Skopje

Quotes I had the honour of writing my master thesis with Professor Kostovski being my mentor. He is a person with a tremendous ability to recapture all the relevant facts, to assist and meticulously elucidate, fostering creativity altogether. His endeavour and guidance in my writing helped me immensely in approaching this subject?s core and reaching the authentic conclusion, which contributed the master thesis to appear as it is now. Ninko Kostovski possesses the virtue of presenting himself to the student, foremost as a person, a pedagogue and a scientist, who wholeheartedly gives himself and is always ready to convey his knowledge and experience. Being his student is a privilege. Quotes
Katerina Buldioska, MBA
Office Manager in Protect M